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Anniversary gift ideas

• Date: Sep 30, 2008 • Source: http://www.perfect-relationship.com/

by Akella

Anniversaries cement the ties of marriage. The amount of love and affection a couple shares between each other climbs new peaks when anniversaries are remembered and celebrated happily year after year. Anniversary gifts play a very important role in this togetherness by helping the couple know each other better. Couples get a chance to express how much they value each otherís presence in their lives. Family members too get a chance to convey their well wishes to the couple through anniversary gifts.

Traditionally, anniversary gifts become increasingly expensive as the marriage advances with age. For example, gifts given on the very first anniversary usually include clocks and Chinaware; where as in the fiftieth year of the marriage couples may gift each other articles made of gold and emerald. They can also expect gold and silver gifts from their near and dear ones. Since this is the modern era, you may not like to stick to the traditional norms. Here are a few tips to pick up the right anniversary gift.

# Gifts from Him to Her should be very romantic and should be accompanied by poetic verses. These can include ring, bracelet, pendant, chain, necklace and watch. Jewelry can be of gold, silver or platinum and can be studded with precious stones. His gifts to Her can also be very intimate. These can include expensive lingerie.
# To make items like rings and bracelets more romantic, names of the couple can be engraved in them.
# Pendants can contain small portraits of the couple.
# Personalized gift items can include plaq+ues with declarations of love and jars containing 365 chits with `I LOVE YOUí written in 365 different ways.
# Her gifts to him can be very formal like a pair of cufflinks and solid gold band ring. Gifts can also be very naughty like a pair of boxers or even thongs.
# If you are to give the couple an anniversary gift, then make sure you do not purchase something like a necklace or cufflinks. Since it is their anniversary the gift should address both of them instead of only one of them.
# If itís a couple you care for, then make sure the gift is relevant to the relationship you share with the couple. Keep their likes and dislikes in mind while purchasing the gift.