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• Date: Apr 10, 2008 • Source: http://www.tokenz.com/

Birthday Gifts

Birthday is a time to enjoy the gift of life that has been bestowed on us by the Almighty. It is time to have a blast with people close to us and have loads of fun. Friends and family members must ensure that Birthday person has the best of time and feels special and loved. A nice way to do so would be to arrange a special party complete with Birthday cake - candles - balloons and company of dear ones. Wishful Birthday song should be sung and everyone should shower best of wishes for coming years in the life of Birthday person.

Wish with Birthday Gifts

The other traditional way to wish birthday is through greeting cards and gifts of love. Birthday Gifts and cards are tokens of good wishes given to a person who is moving one stage ahead in life. Gift for birthday must be selected with lot of love and care and they must reflect our heartfelt wishes for the recipient on the auspicious occasion of birthday. Everyone, especially children expects delightful and thoughtful Birthday Gifts and all efforts should be made to live upto their expectations.

Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary celebrates the bond of love and affection that exists between husband and wife. While some couples like to celebrate their anniversary in private many like to celebrate it with pomp and show in the company of friends and close family members. Grand Anniversary parties are usually organized for landmark anniversaries like first, silver, ruby and gold. Children and grandchildren often host silver and gold anniversaries. All dear ones invited to attend the milestone anniversary congratulate the couple for their joyful togetherness.

Greeting with Anniversary Gifts

There exists a strong tradition to greet wedding anniversary to a couple or spouse with thoughtful gifts. The custom is so much prevalent that different societies and associations have devised a specific list of gifts according to each anniversary year. There are traditional and modern anniversary gift list and also defined list of gifts of flowers and stones based on anniversary years. Though some love to present auspicious anniversary gifts according to this well-defined list others randomly select the gift based on the trend and couple’s preferences. The idea is to make the anniversary couple feel special and wish them many many more blissful years together.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

The very popular and desperately awaited Valentine’s Day Festival celebrates love in the most beautiful manner. Lovers across the world celebrate the festival with verve on February 14 and make a heartfelt expression of feelings for their beloved. Though the festival has romantic connotations attached to it, Valentine’s Day is wished to teachers, mother, father, siblings, friends or anyone else a person loves. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day greeting is given through cards and a bouquet of flowers mainly roses. In present times, lovers also pamper their beloved with loads of other Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts for man include chocolates, shirts, wallets and wrist watches etc while favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts for woman are cake, jewelry, jewelry boxes, teddy bears, perfumes and beaded bags. As the festival calls for expression of love people like to give personalized and handmade gifts on the occasion and deliver it by hand. Lovers separated by a distance send gifts through online gift shopping sites and make their partner feel closer and loved.

Flower Gifts

Since time immemorial, people have utilized the beauty and fragrance of flowers to express love and affection to dear ones. Flowers are even used as gifts to greet people on festivals and several occasions like Birthdays, Anniversary and New Year or even when invited at somebody’s home. One can also use flowers as gifts just to say ‘Sorry’ or ‘Thank You’. On such occasions, even a single flower is more effective as a gift than anything else for romantics believe that it’s tough to find a gift that parallels the beauty and fragrance of a fresh flower. Those stuck by Cupid’s arrow swear that nothing conveys ‘I love you’ more beautifully than a gift of single red rose bud.

Sensing the growing demand of Flower Gifts, florists and designers prepare range of bouquets and flower arrangements to lure people on different festivals. Florists advise that one must be selective in their choice of flower gifts as different flowers convey different meanings. Besides, there are some traditionally defined flowers for different festivals like roses for Valentine’s Day and carnations for Mother’s Day.

Diwali Gifts

Diwali is the biggest and the most popular festival in India. Entire country looks resplendent on the day of Diwali as people light up traditional earthen diyas and candles to mark the Festival of Light. Being the most celebrated festival, Diwali is also reckoned as the major gift giving festival in India. Everyone loves to give Diwali greetings to all their loved ones with best of traditional Diwali Gifts. Even the corporate sector express gratitude to their patrons and employees with a loving Diwali Gift. People in India strongly believe that exchange of Diwali gifts helps to strengthen relationships and build long lasting bonds of love.

Traditional and most popular Diwali gifts include sweets, dry fruits and Lakshmi Ganesh Silver Gifts. These days people also gift chocolates, puja thalis and ethnic decorative. Set of artistic diyas and candles is also very much in vogue as a Diwali Gift idea. To those staying away people send Deepawali gifts by means of various online Diwali shopping sites and express their heartfelt best wishes on the auspicious occasion.

Rakhi Gifts

Festival of Raksha Bandhan beautifully celebrates the bond of love shared between the brother and a sister. The festival of Rakhi Purnima falls on the auspicious full moon day in the Hindu month of Shravana or Savana (July-August) every year. Celebrating the festival in the traditional manner sisters’ tie a sacred thread of love called Rakhi or Raksha on the wrist of their brother and perform arti of him. This simple and sweet gesture symbolizes sister’s sincerest prayers to the divine for the health and well being of her brother. Brothers in turn express gratitude for sister’s affection and pledge to stand by them always. As a custom brothers pamper their sister with a beautiful Rakhi gift or some cash. These days, sisters also take the opportunity of the festival and indulge brothers with gifts of love.

Popular Rakhi gifts for sisters include jewelry - necklace sets, bracelets and earrings, jewelry boxes, beaded bags, teddy bears and perfumes. Most sought after Rakhi gifts for brothers include Sweets and dry fruits hampers, shirts, wristwatches, portfolio bags and organizers. To siblings staying away Rakhi and Rakhi gifts are send to through post or online Rakhi shopping sites.

Bhai Dooj Gifts

Bhai Dooj is a popular Indian festival that cherishes the pious relationship between brothers and sister. Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the last day of five-day-long festival of Diwali and falls on the auspicious ‘Dooj’ day or the next day after new moon in the month of Kartik (October-November). Celebrating the festival in the traditional manner sisters put sacred red tilak on the forehead of their brother and perform arti of him. While performing the age-old ritual, sisters pray to Lord Yamraj- the Hindu mythological God of Death for brother’s longevity and health. Brothers bless their sister and promise to stand by them under all circumstances. Joy of this beautiful festival is further enhanced by the exchange of gifts that takes place between siblings. The tradition helps to strengthen relationship between siblings and build stronger family ties.

Traditionally popular Bhai Dooj Gifts for sisters include clothes, purses, beaded bags, decorative, stuff toys, jewelry and jewelry boxes. Hot selling Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brothers are sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, shirts, stationery items, bracelets, Puja thalis etc by affectionate sisters. Sisters who are unable to meet their brother send Bhai Dooj greetings with paper and e-cards. In modern times Bhaidooj gifts are exchanged through online gift shopping sites.